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The Center

How the Center is Run

The Center is registered in Sweden as a nonprofit association and is run solely by volunteers who contribute their time and service to manage all of its many aspects. Due to the power of the operating principles and the commitment of the people who come, everything runs smoothly and effortlessly. It is a great opportunity to work in teams and to see how the training in the nature of intelligence functions on a practical level when living and serving together.​

"We live in the age of collaboration. Like bees in a hive we collaborate to make honey! Each person is essential to the collaboration; everyone is important. The model of “servant leadership” is the model of the hive. The leadership serves for the benefit of all, and that is its only goal—not authority, status, fame or money."

One Simple Change, page 132

How It Started


The Center was purchased in October 2007. In 2009 over fifty participants came together to found the Balanced View Center Association. Among other things they guaranteed a loan that enabled the purchase of the Center by the Association and helped secure the financing for ongoing improvements of the Center.​

Four Gatherings Each Year

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We have four gatherings each year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, where people from all over the world come to the Center to participate in the Training and enjoy time together in community. The biggest gathering is in the summer when we host 150 people at once.

In between the seasonal gatherings the Center is used as a hub for projects organized by people who stay at the Center on a more full-time basis.

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