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Terms and Conditions


We want to be sure that you understand the purpose and meaning of our Copyright policy which we have copied below. Basically, we want to ensure that all people have the same access to this very high standard of education that we have developed through over 45 years of diligent research. Please do not share any of the material with anyone who is not enrolled in the Training (that includes spouse, best friend, children, parents, etc.), and especially do not share what you learn here with others in a professional context (for example, as a coach, therapist, trainer, consultant, teacher etc) without getting written permission from Short Moments. We love it if you share about the Short Moments Training and the benefits it has brought to your life, but we don't want anyone to teach it without having received the proper training. So if people you know become interested, we suggest to share your own experience and suggest that they book a call with us if they want to learn more.


Please read the full copyright here.


Confidentiality is essential within the Short Moments community and training settings. Everything that is shared by participants, both in the group meeting and participant-to-participant must be kept confidential. Only in this way can everyone feel free to participate fully and share openly.

You agree that:

  • you will not disclose names and any personal details of other participants,

  • you will not make any personal audio or video recordings of talks or trainings or make copies including screenshots of shares in the Facebook group,

  • you will not approach participants to offer them any kind of service or support. 


​Short Moments offers the opportunity of open intelligence as the basis of living life. Short Moments is not a psychological or medical program, and does not provide therapy, counseling, or medication, nor does it make recommendations or referrals for treatment of mental or emotional issues or disorders. While Short Moments can benefit most people, it is not a substitute for professional treatment of mental or emotional issues or disorders, and it is recommended that people suffering from such issues or disorders seek treatment from a qualified professional. The undersigned acknowledges these limitations on the scope of Short Moments programs and opportunities, and agrees to hold Short Moments harmless from any claims of a mental, emotional or physical nature arising from her or his participation in any of the Short Moments Training offerings.


Here are the full Terms and Conditions

Application Process

This is an application only, and does not guarantee participation in the Training.

  • Participation in this training depends on approval of the completed application, indicated by direct contact from the Center.

  • Trainers might suggest an alternative program if it is seen as more beneficial to gaining confidence in open intelligence.

  • We strongly suggest not making travel arrangements until having received confirmation for the next indicated training.

  • Short Moments is not responsible for costs incurred due to travel bookings made. 

Fair Processing Notice

The data that you provide will only be used by us for the purpose of processing your application and providing your training, information about how we handle your data and what your rights are can be found in our Fair Processing Notice


I agree to stay for the entire gathering (or for the entire time specified above respectively) regardless of what happens and to immediately talk to a trainer if an emergency comes up.


I agree to fully participate in the programs at the Short Moments Center, including trainings, silent breaks and one-two hours of volunteer service.


The Short Moments Center is an alcohol and drug-free zone. I agree to abstain from drugs and alcohol while participating here, and agree to not bring alcohol or drugs onto the premises or drink alcohol or take drugs outside the Center, at pubs or other places. If I smoke cigarettes, I will do so in the designated smoking area.


I agree to not initiate intimate relationships or approach other participants in a sexual manner at the Short Moments Center. This allows everyone to focus on the Training, and to feel safe.


I agree to not light candles or incense in my room or in any of the common areas of the Center because of the fire hazard.


I agree to not offer or announce any kind of workshops or outside business, or solicit participants in any way while at the Center. This includes not using participant contact information for my personal business upon leaving.


The meeting hall and sleeping quarters are quiet areas. I agree to use my mobile phone away from these areas.


I agree to wear respectful clothing and always use clothes that covers shoulders and knees.

Confidentiality regarding photography and filming at the Short Moments Center

Before taking photos or filming anyone at the Center please ask the permission of everyone in the picture. If you publish the pictures/films on Facebook or anywhere else, we ask you to be sensitive and respectful. Short Moments is not responsible for pictures published by participants.


Official pictures and films will be taken to be used by Short Moments. If you do not wish to be in photos/films published by Short Moments, please approach the people filming and taking photographs while they are filming so you can leave the respective area that is being filmed. Short Moments reserves the right to publish pictures and films showing participants unless we are notified in advance as stated above.


I agree to not download any copyright protected material while at the center. If I would happen to download copyright protected material, I accept to be held personally accountable for this and pay all fines related to the illegal action.

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