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We Invite you to stay at our beautiful
Short Moments Center in Sweden

Immerse deeply in the Four Mainstays Lifestyle.

The Benefits of Staying at the Center

The Benfits of Staying at the Cente
  • Live the Four Mainstays Lifestyle

  • Immerse in the teachings

  • Enjoy a silent and tranquil time surrounded by nature.

  • Have a focused time for practice

  • Utilize the quiet and focused time to work on projects

  • Feel the enrichment of contributing your strengths, gifts and talents in a meaningful way

  • Spend time in loving interactions with Community

  • Support the Center to sustain itself


A way to come and stay for everyone

Stay Options

Teaching Gatherings

Experience the full scope of the teachings during Gathering times when people from all over the world come to receive teachings in the nature of mind. Empower your strengths, gifts and talents, harmonise your relationships and free yourself from limiting beliefs. See Gathering Schedule.

Personal Retreats

Take time to focus on your practice. Enjoy the pristine and quiet environment of the Center and the Four Mainstays community. Available year-round and fully customizable. Contact us

Service Gatherings

Come and support the maintenance of the Center and its gardens, help us to prepare for Gatherings and to welcome more and more beings in the future to come. A beautiful, satisfying and fun way to contribute to the benefit of all. See schedule.

Live and Work at the Center

Enjoy a quiet, nourishing environment to live and work in. Come and visit for short periods of time to focus on projects in an inspiring environment or choose the center as your home for longer periods of time.

Contact us.


Organise your Stay

Costs and Details

Prerequisite: Completion of the Twelve Empowerments

Costs During Gathering

  • Single room: 700 - 1500 SEK /day 

  • Double room: 600 - 1400 SEK /day 

  • Dormitory/4 bedroom: 400-600 SEK /day

  • Camping (tent/caravan): 300-550 SEK /day

  • Children

    •  2-5 years: 50 SEK/ day

    •  6-12 years: 100 SEK/ day

    •  <12 years: 150 SEK/ day

Inclusive of accommodation and food.

Costs Outside of Gatherings - Options

​The following are inclusive of accommodation and food. Please be in touch if you would like to come and have considerations.

  • Focus on Service - US$ 22 / 200 SEK (at least four hours of service per day)

  • Part-time Work - US$ 32 / 300 SEK (at least one hour of service per day)

  • Full time Work - US$ 36 / 350 SEK (at least three hours of service per week) 

Service relates to dedicated tasks to support the Center. Routine daily living tasks are not included in this estimate. 





'The Center in Sweden is for me a unique setting where I can put what matters the most for me in the first place and share power and inspiration with everyone, spend time in nature or follow the projects that I am passionate about while devoting the focus to the teaching' - Federico (Italy)

Activities in and around the Center


Those who are staying at the Center, can enjoy the cinema and swimming pool in Markaryd, go for outings to nearby cafés and cities, nearby lakes for picnics and swimming, bicycle rides, walks in the beautiful surrounding nature and community events at the Center.


Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

For those who would like to stay at the center and contribute their full attention to service of the Four Mainstays, sponsorships can be a great way of support.

If you have the means and the wish to support another community member, you can become a sponsor and in this way support both a friend and the center.

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