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What We Do

The Short Moments Center in Skåne, Sweden is a nonprofit association that offers a living and training space for the Short Moments community—a grassroots movement with participants from all over the world. Since 2007 the Short Moments Center has offered educational activities that are intended for participants who wish to find inner peace, freedom from suffering, a stable well-being in all circumstances and a growing clarity and capacity to be of benefit to themselves and others.

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If you want to find out more about the teaching on offer, please visit and download the app!

Welcome to the Short Moments Center

Welcome to the Short Moments Center

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All service at the Center is done on a volunteer basis, and the organization and activities are skillfully carried out using principles based on gratitude, respect and mutual benefit. The direct result has been years of experience in working together in complete relaxation and harmony and with an easeful and skillful focus on finding solutions. In this way the Short Moments Center in Sweden is a brilliant example of how people in society as a whole can live and work together.