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Clarity Café

The cafe is a space where the community can gather together informally. Here you will be served by friends, and you can enjoy many freshly baked cakes, savory snacks, organic coffees and garden green juices.


This lively community space also hosts many cozy events in the evenings, from community concerts to special fundraising auctions and presentations about different Balanced View projects worldwide.


It is always warm and welcoming, a place to meet new community friends and get to know the trainers. Whether serving or simply relaxing there, we look forward to seeing you!

"It’s absolutely extraordinary to see how people can live and work together from a perspective of clarity. Every one of our fondest dreams of how it might be to live and work with other people is realized with people who are gaining confidence in open intelligence. It’s really astounding."


Clarity in Everyday Life, page 61

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