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Preserving the Center for Future Generations

The Balanced View Center offers trainings all year round in education in the nature of mind. We wish to ensure our Center remains a home for many generations to come, so the teachings and open intelligence society can flourish. 

The Center buildings date back to the 1822 and require lots of love and care. We have recently purchased the Yellow House across the road so we can expand our offerings and provide a Children's Empowerment Center. 

We are also committed to become environmentally friendly and will invest in solar panels for the Center, which will also save the Center energy costs over time. 

Yellow House_edited.jpg

One-Off Donations are also greatly welcomed!

For more payment options, including bank transfers and Swish, click here.


If you have any questions, or would like to make a significant gift towards these projects, please contact: 

Thank you for your generous support! 

The Balanced View Center Sweden Fundraising Team


Together with everyone’s support we can participate in these exciting projects and preserve this precious Center for many generations to come. ​​

  • New Solar Panels: 80,000USD

  • Children’s Empowerment Center: 54,000USD

  • Total: 134,000 USD

Make a Monthly Donation Today!

Monthly donations are a great way to contribute to these projects.

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