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Facilities Team

The improvements and innovations this team has provided have made the Center shine! Solutions have been implemented, and being with one another in this easeful and service-oriented way is a potent way to practice the teachings. It is a shared experience of working closely together with patience, receptivity and gratitude.

"Through relying on open intelligence for short moments, repeated many times, wisdom gradually begins to manifest, together with the skillful means to be totally relaxed and competent in all situations. We’ll have a totally relaxed mind and body in all situations, whether or not thoughts are present."

One Simple Change, page 48

Since that first year we have upgraded the main kitchen with larger-scale utilities, renovated the many windows at the Center bit-by-bit, retiled the roof of the Kitchen House, repainted the Teachers House in linseed oil paint, connected to fiber internet and upgraded the electrical system, just to mention just a few.


Old buildings require a lot of care, and we are constantly monitoring the needed maintenance to keep the Center healthy and thriving for many years to come!

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