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The Garden

Green Tara

Green Tara

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We are self-sustaining in salad and greens most of the year and are continually expanding and experimenting with many different crops. The vegetables are freshly picked, washed and directly used in the kitchen by our talented chefs. ​

In our spacious and beautiful garden we grow organic herbs and vegetables inspired by sustainable methods such as No-dig, Permaculture and Bio-intensive micro-farming. You can also enjoy the beautiful flower beds all around the grounds, berry bushes and fruit trees when you come to the Center.

"This isn’t just some abstract philosophy that we read about in a book and then memorize. Rather, it’s a decisive experience that expresses itself in a practical way in our lives. No matter what the descriptions are, they all have their basis in the primordial purity of everything just as it is."

One Simple Change, page 40

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