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The Kitchen

One of the most amazing things about serving in the kitchen at the Center is the very direct application of the Balanced View Training in action. Our kitchen runs from complete relaxation! This means that for the team and for each individual person, all are setting out from an open, clear, solution-oriented perspective, filled with respectful relating, warmth and ease in the midst of heated situations. This is absolutely incredible, as what would in other circumstances have possibly led to collapse, isolation and blame, instead results in openhearted service. We listen openly to each other and rely on group wisdom to see what will be of most benefit to all.

"No matter how any appearance is described, it is timelessly free and unobstructed. When we return again and again to open intelligence as the basis of everything that appears, then more and more we have complete equanimity regardless of what’s happening."

One Simple Change, page 39

Balanced View Center Bakery

Balanced View Center Bakery

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There are many teams working together in the kitchen: the breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation teams, the vegetable cutting, baking, serving and take-away teams, dishwashing, recycling, delivery and evening cleaning teams—all of them operating seamlessly and smoothly together.  Over the years we have developed clear structures for each area, and hence each team powerfully contributes with total care for one another and with an easeful overall flow for the kitchen as a whole. It is very enjoyable for all!

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