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George from USA

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"The first time I traveled to the Balanced View Center in Sweden was a time of amazing opening for me. Meeting so many people living in complete openness to themselves, to all others and to reality is something which cleared away so much confusion in an instant. Being immersed in an environment of open intelligence, of natural devotion, brightness and benefit is something which can never be forgotten. This reality is opened within us, and more and more we come to know true human nature; we can truly be ourselves exactly as we are. For me, the Summer Gathering is a dream come true, when all of my deepest aspirations are demonstrated and fulfilled."

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Indi from UK

"Being at the Sweden Centre is the opportunity to experience how life will be in this world when all beings come to know their true nature as open intelligence—to be together in total support, empowerment, love, care, authenticity, kindness and abundance. I am so grateful to Candice's vision and to all who created the Center, as well as to all who serve and devote themselves to making it available for anyone who wishes to come and know themselves as perfect, just exactly as they are!"


Johan from Sweden

"One of the things I love about being at the Center is the full-on experience of the Four Mainstays’ everyday lifestyle. It's so obvious that this teaching is a lived experience, and when being fully immersed with Short Moments, the trainer, the training media and the community, it allows for a new experience of what is possible. Every day we relate together with ease and mutual empowerment. Seeing people from all continents live this precious teaching is to me so inspiring. I visit the Center a couple times a year, and it feels like a heart-home to me."


Britt-Marie from Sweden

"I first came to the Sweden Center nine years ago, and I have continued to come many times over the years. The atmosphere here is so unique; there is always warmth, love, respect and caring for each other. It is so very relaxing to be here; it always feels that you are among your very best friends, whether you know them very well or not! What I really enjoy here is to be in trainings face-to-face. It is such an empowerment to normalize data streams one after the other with brilliant teachers supporting us participants. This strengthens my practice and contributes to me in such a way that, when I return home, my life can be of benefit to myself and to others on a daily basis."


Diana from USA

"The first time I came to the Sweden Center for the Summer Gathering I was quite amazed—not only by the kind of welcome I got—but by how helpful and loving everyone was. It was beautiful to see everyone so completely involved in service to each other and to Beloved Candice through the jobs they do. The bakers happily get up in the wee hours of the morning to bake for everyone, and the evening cleanup team cheerfully washes down the kitchen after all the meals are cooked and served for the day. I have never in my life seen a group of 150 people live and work together so harmoniously and respectfully. Everything that I had been taught in Balanced View was in evidence in the participants. Everyone was living from the teachings rather than from their data streams. What a joy to live like that for two weeks!"

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