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Reveal the Hidden Treasures at the Short Moments Center, Sweden!.png

Reveal the Hidden Treasures -
Explore Your Inner Wisdom

We welcome you to a unique treasure hunt through our Center.

In this playful encounter with Ziji Rinpoche's Short Moments Teachings, you are encouraged to discover your inner wisdom, revealing both the apparent and concealed treasures scattered throughout the Center - and ultimately, uncovering the treasures in your own mind!

We wish you so much fun on your journey!


Click below to reveal the exact Location of your First Treasure.


Instructions -
Reveal the Hidden Treasures - Explore Your Inner Wisdom.

Step 1: Explore the Treasure Map

Begin your adventure by accessing the treasure map on Google Earth. It will guide you to the general area where the first treasure is hidden within our Short Moments Retreat Center. While the map gives hints, the exact locations remain concealed. 


Tip: Consider that in Buildings, the Pin may indicate the area (front or back) of a Building, but not the floor on which the treasure is hidden. 

Step 2: Recognize the Hidden Treasures

Equipped with your NFC-capable smartphone and headphones, venture through the Center to seek out the treasures. You can download Google Earth (Apple or Android) before you start.

Keep an eye out for credit card size image cards, or white "coins" attached to precious items, images, or inside boxes. When you spot one, you will know that you have found a treasure. These cards or coins may be evident and in plain sight, or cleverly concealed, revealing themselves to those who take time to connect with their surroundings.

Tip: There may be other clues and hints in the area where a treasure is hidden, announcing it's presence.

Step 3: Unveil the Hidden Aspect of the Treasure

Use the top side of your smartphone and tap the treasure card or coin to unveil the hidden aspect of the treasure. Then click the link in the notification to access the treasure. 

Compatibility and Interaction


The game is compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 6 and all Android devices since 2010, equipped with NFC capabilities.


Tip: You might need to tap a few times to ensure a successful connection. 


Step 4: Unfold the Journey​

As you tap and uncover each treasure, an aspect of our practice is revealed, enriching your understanding of the profound teachings behind each gem. Additionally, you will receive the map leading to your next treasure, guiding you on this playful journey through our lineage. 

Tip: Bookmark the Treasure Pages that you revealed so you can access the media and the link to the next treasure later.

Please keep the Items, Cards and Coins in the same place, so the next person can enjoy the game too. 

Step 5: Enjoy the Practices!​

"Reveal the Hidden Treasures - Explore Your Inner Wisdom" offers you a delightful and easeful way to meditate, connecting you to your own nature and our Lineage teachings.


Enjoy the journey and the profound experiences that await you. May your quest be filled with joy, wonder, and profound insights!

Tip: You can share with your friends about your quest, but allow them to uncover the treasures themselves :). 

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