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Autumn Gathering and more Updates

After a rich summer full of gatherings, teachings, and many friends coming to the Center, we are now enjoying the quiet time with the focus on practice, reflection, and serving the projects we love.

Visit Us

The Autumn Gathering will take place October 31-November 6. We would love to see you here and if you can be available to come for the Gathering Setup a few days before that, it would be really appreciated. Apply here.

On October 22-23 we will have a Garden Weekend where we will wrap up the garden season together. Sign up here.

As always, the Center remains open to visitors who want to serve, be in retreat, or join the Evocations teachings with Rinpoche. If your heart is called to fully immerse yourself in the Mainstays Lifestyle and enjoy a space immersed in the sounds of nature, and to support the Center, you are welcome to come and stay with us. Please be in touch to see which option is a good fit for you.

Summer Gathering Update

Thank you to everyone who has come to the Center during the Summer Gathering. We still are basking in the atmosphere of everyone being together for the Summer Evocation Gathering with Rinpoche as well as two powerful weeks of Power of Benefit Training. We have a beautiful collection of images for you of our time together.

Our Current Projects

We are taking the time to review and restructure our service roles and tasks. If you wish to take part in any way, including remotely, please let us know. Amir has been working on the window renovation project. This is an ongoing project - one window at a time :-) We are enjoying the harvest from Green Tara, the delicious vegetables and also the stunning flowers growing everywhere. We are also currently selling the Blue House and our Volvo that has served us for so many years. Our tenants at the yellow house are now moving and we are preparing for new tenants to come. Please let us know if you have any questions. With love, The Sweden Center Team

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