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The Center is Blooming: The start of a new Season

The Center is Blooming.

Winter here in Sweden loves coming back again and again, yet each time the Center is covered in a blanket of snow, it takes the sun a shorter time to melt it all away again.

The spring flowers are a sure sign that the summer is not so far away.


Spring Gathering

Power of Benefit Training

April 5th ~ April 12th

If you have not yet decided to join the Spring Gathering - this is your chance! We will start the Gathering on April 5th until April 12th and are excited to welcome friends from far and wide - some have already arrived! Being at the Center is such a supportive environment for practicing open intelligence. At this time, when we mainly meet online, we tend to forget how powerful it is to be together in person. To have a space and a home dedicated to the Short Moments Training with all the Four Mainstays present is always so enriching, powerful, and nurturing. If it is your first time or if you haven't been at the Center for a while this will become clear when you come! You can enjoy the surrounding nature with forests and lakes, have a dedicated space for your personal practice as well as share meals and social time with community friends. You can always be in touch about your specific needs and we are so happy to support you in having a most comfortable retreat time! These are some of our favorite Events during the Gathering:

  • Daily Power of Benefit Teachings for all those who completed the Twelve Empowerments

  • Introductory Training April 8th - 9th - Open to Newcomers. Invite your Friends!

  • Event evenings, including Massive Vibe Live! on April 8th

  • The Easter feast with lovely friends and delicious food.

We look forward to seeing your for all or some of the Gathering!


"The centre is my favourite place in the world! I have noticed that many of us, upon arriving there, remember once again how tangible and beautiful is the Center's beating heart of benefit. Although it's only 16 years old, its spirit is strikingly timeless and alive with the warm embrace of the lineage and Guru, embodied by our beautiful Sangha. I'm looking forward to sharing the gathering together with you all." - Silfan


From the Kitchen...

We are warming up the kitchen for the Spring Gathering! It is always so nice to "activate" the kitchen for a gathering to serve all you friends. Right now we are testing new meals, creating the menu, placing food orders, and I love being in touch with the kitchen team before the gathering starts, it is such a lovely way to connect with dear sangha friends, to exchange experience, learn from each other and let creative ideas spark so we can serve you food from our hearts. Looking forward to serving you! Niketa


From the Garden...

With the arrival of spring, we have also started sowing seeds. They are still tucked away in the basement under plant lights, but once they are big enough, they will be planted in the garden, ready to grow into big plants and flowers and share their beauty with us.


If you have any questions, please e-mail

For all event details and more info visit

With love, The Sweden Center Team

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