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Unforgettable Summer Retreats await you at the Sweden Center!

Online Evocation Gathering with Ziji Rinpoche

July 10-21

The Summer Gathering at the Center will start with a two week retreat with online Evocations with Ziji Rinpoche. On teaching days we will connect with Rinpoche live on camera, and the practice days are spacious with time for reflection in the calm atmosphere of the Center. Enjoy the serene nature, swim in the lakes, take a walk or bike ride together with dear community friends. We enjoy all daily meals together, sweet time in the Café and community events during the time.


Summer Gathering

Power of Benefit Training

The Summer Gathering at the Center will offer two weeks of Power of Benefit Training:

  • Week 1 - July 24 - 29, Monday-Saturday

  • Week 2 - July 31 - August 5, Monday-Saturday

We invite you to join the entire two weeks, one week, or any number of days.*

*In order to help us optimally prepare for each Gathering, please apply latest five days in advance.

Enjoy some memories from previous Summer Gatherings.

About the Summer Gathering - Power of Benefit The Training day is from 10:00-5:00pm and it starts with a video talk from Rinpoche, followed by reading of a powerful Power of Benefit Text and time for questions and answers with Short Moments Trainers. We move into a break for reflection and time for being with the text and the teaching and after that the group comes back to share their experience of the day. In the meantime you can also enjoy the silent breaks, a treat in the café and the serene nature around the Center. We look forward to seeing your for all or some of the Gathering!


Garden Weekend and Summer Set Up

June 17th - 18th / June 24th - 25th / July 1st - 7th

We had a big group here at the Center for this week's Garden Weekend. We served easefully together in the Garden with a lot of fun and energy. It's always so precious to be together and reap the benefits of serving together as a team, everyone contributing so much to make the Center shine in its unique way. As one shared during the weekend, it's like living in paradise. The rose bushes were pruned, the herb-garden was revived, the lawn was mowed, new flower beds created and lots of weeds removed and many ideas for future projects enlivened around the lunch and fika table.

In June we'll continue the joy of serving together for the Summer Gathering Setup. We'll focus on making the Center ready for everyone coming for the Summer Gathering, making the space pristine and beautiful for a powerful time with Trainings. We will gather on June 17-18, June 24-25 and July 1-7. You can register via the links below, and if you have any questions or considerations, please always be in touch.

To see the full Center schedule for the coming months, including setup for the Summer Gathering and more info, click this link.

If you have any questions, please e-mail via

With love, The Sweden Center Team

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