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Happy Midsummer!

Being together at the Center in Sweden is perfect. As most of you know, the Center is open throughout the year. You are welcome to join the next Gatherings.


Summer Gathering

The Summer Gathering Evocation with Ziji Rinpoche, July 15-29. The group at the Center will join on camera. This means that Rinpoche will be able to interact with the community.

We are aware that it might be late for some to join on camera. If this is the case for you, you can still come to the Center and enjoy the review of the media on the following day. We will have a dedicated time for that.

If you wish to join the Center group, please fill out the Evocation registration form and then the short Stay at the Center form.

The following Gathering will be a two-week Power of Benefit Training, August 1-13. We invite you to join for the full two weeks, but if you wish to join for a shorter period, you are welcome!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


This was June at the Center

Midsummer Celebration Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Swedish midsummer. Friends from the community, family members, and neighbors gathered at the Center to enjoy a beautiful and bountiful midsummer feast, fun outdoor games, and delicious Swedish summer cake. The weather has been sunny and hot so swimming in the lake and shaded walks in the forest have been a perfect way to refresh in the day. The weekend was followed by serving together in the garden, coffee, and teas on the café veranda, a BBQ in the evening, dancing, and more games outside.

We are so grateful to Ziji Rinpoche to have this place to gather and it is always such a joy to be able to share the Center vibe, the relaxation, easeful relating and serving together with family, friends, and neighbors as well.

You can find more pictures from the Midsummer Celebration here.

June Love

written by Anja Enström

The days are long and the sun is setting at 10pm now with light into the morning hours. The garden is growing fast and the past month has been mainly focused on maintaining the grounds and gardens, planting more flowers, and continuing the project with establishing more efficient workflows. Some of the window frames in the meeting hall and the railing outside of the guest house have been painted, and the fence around the garden has been built. We already see the effects of opening up the Center more with friends coming to join for a few days here and there and we are looking forward be welcoming many more for the Summer Gathering soon, continuing with more projects, and of course, enjoying the powerful teachings with Rinpoche online!

With love, The Sweden Center Team

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