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Love from the Sweden Center

Updated: May 31, 2022

We would love to stay connected via a monthly newsletter from the Sweden Center – this beautiful Center is a demonstration of Ziji Rinpoche’s vision for the benefit of all. The last couple of months have been beneficial – the Spring Gathering, the Association Annual Meeting, Center Project Group and more. We hope you enjoy this first edition of a monthly newsletter, and please let us know how you like it.


Spring Gathering – April 14-21

written by Anja Enström

We had an amazing Gathering. The power in being together in a face-to-face setting becomes so obvious and clear. The magic is deeply felt and it is such a joy to be together with community friends, sharing teachings and social time in the café together, going for walks and eating delicious food. Each day in the training was so powerful with evoking texts and shares from trainers and participants.

We also had a special Easter celebration, the yearly Annual Meeting, movie night and concert with a raffle where we fundraised 12.000 sek in 10 min! Thank you all for your generosity and thank you Beloved Rinpoche for the gift of this Center and all of the Four Mainstays!


Association Annual Meeting

April 19

The Center has been owned by a nonprofit association (Ideell Förening in Swedish) since 2008.

Practitioners who want to support the Center and learn more about running and operations of the Center can join as members. Every Spring, all members are invited to the Annual Meeting in which a formal presentation of the year’s activity and financial results are presented, as well as a plan for the following year and elections for key roles. On the Center Board currently are Kathy, Jochen, Heidi and Asaf.

This year we also shared about the Center Project Team and the meeting ended with a fun-fundraising. The key points from the meeting were: reduced income and activity during the last year due to the pandemic; the plan for essential renovation; and expanding the Center activity throughout the year through Gatherings and new projects and opportunities.

If you wish to become a member, you can do so by donating a membership contribution of 400-600 SEK via the link below.


Center Project Meetings

At the beginning of March, participants came together for five-weeks to consider creative ways in which we can support the Center. It was very inspiring and a lot of fun to work on this together as a group of 17 from all over the world. Here are some of the results that came from the teams (and some are still in process):

  • An update to the Center Newsletter – a wish for those who are not present at the Center to stay more connected and informed :-)

  • Yearly Schedule – to make it easier for you to plan your visit ahead of time. The Summer Gathering will be announced shortly! See the new schedule here.

  • Center 365 - the Center is open 365 days a year. Find out about more opportunities of visiting, staying and living at the Center outside of Gathering times. If you wish to come for a day, a focused retreat, work remotely from the pristine setting of the Center and be with community friends – all of these options are available

  • Plus - Center questionnaire and insights, garden and café business and other business ideas, opening the Center for one-day events, researching grants, a review of sustainability at the Center and more.

Want to take part?

  • June Love – During the entire month of June we are inviting those who wish to love up the Center to come and stay to help with essential renovations and other tasks as preparation for the summer.

  • August Shine – Another opportunity to complete those essential renovations so the Center can shine for the benefit of all.

  • Donations - Monthly donations are brilliant and one-off donations are helpful as well. This is a perfect way to support the Center and the planned renovations All donations can be done here. All donations are tax exempt.

Inspired to take part in any of the opportunities? Simply respond to this email.

With much love,

The Short Moments Center Team

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