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Enjoy the Summer at the Sweden Center

Summer is close and our hearts are warmed by the thought of seeing many of our friends back at our beautiful Center this summer.

This is a time of the year that is filled with opportunities to receive teachings, serve through many projects, and spend time together.


Summer Gathering

July 15 - 29

The Summer Gathering Evocation with Rinpoche will be from July 15-29. A group will gather at the Center to join Rinpoche on camera via livestream, and share a focused and enjoyable retreat time with the teaching and community. If you wish to join the group at the Center, please fill the Evocation registration form and then stay at the Center form.

After the Summer Gathering with Rinpoche we will continue with two weeks of Power of Benefit Trainings from August 1-13.

We also invite you to support the Center as part of the June Love and August Shine projects.


Midsummer Celebration Weekend

June 24-26

On June 24th we will celebrate Swedish midsummer together followed by a service weekend. This will be an open weekend so you can invite family and friends who would like to join and experience being at the center. See the event for more info.


An Update from Green Tara

written by Anja Enström

'May is such a beautiful time at the center. Everything is flourishing in bright green and the garden looks stunning. We are right now building a new fence around the veggie garden and we have rebuilt all the beds to a standard size which will support the crop planning. This year we are growing a lot of nitrogen fixing plants that will give a boost to the soil and also bloom beautifully with all kinds of flowers that will attract bees. The big field (former football field) has also been sown and a new 'Dahlia garden' is developing outside of the meeting hall that will flower throughout the summer. We had a wonderful garden weekend with friends from the community coming to support the maintenance of gardens and grounds. It is always amazing how much is getting done with many hands to help!'


Center 365

The full schedule for the next 12 months is now available. For those who wish to visit and stay at the Center also outside of Gathering times, you can find all the options at Center 365. We would love to invite you to join the Sweden Center group on the Short Moments app for regular updated and pictures.

With love, The Sweden Center Team

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